Get Active

During this global pandemic, please think about how you can host your fundraiser safely and in accordance with your local public health guidelines. The ideas below can be adapted for smaller, physically distanced groups or as virtual experiences.

Get Active

Break a sweat while you break down stigma. Organize a run, walk, yoga event, golf tournament, bike ride, or any other athletic activity. Take care of your own mental and physical health while supporting Canada’s leading mental health hospital. Participate solo by challenging yourself, or invite your friends, family and colleagues to join together to get active and raise funds to support the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.


Virtual fitness challenge: Organize a daily step count battle, push-up competition, stationary bike race or other virtual fitness challenge.

Yoga/fitness classes: Invite others to join you for a group yoga class or workout. Try reaching out to your local yoga studio or gym to see if they’d like to get involved!

Marathons and runs: Participate in an existing virtual race taking place in your community, or create your own challenge such as running 5km per day for five days!

Get silly: Just because you’re getting active doesn’t mean you can’t get silly! How long can you hula-hoop for? How many consecutive baskets can you make on a mini basketball net? Use your imagination and turn your silliest activity into a fundraising challenge!

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Start your fundraiser now! Our easy-to-use online tool kit is full of great resources and advice that will help you fundraise and make planning and running your virtual event a breeze. Have a question? Contact us.

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