Seize the Day

During this global pandemic, please think about how you can host your fundraiser safely and in accordance with your local public health guidelines. The ideas below can be adapted for smaller, physically distanced groups or as virtual experiences.

Seize the Day

Always wanted to challenge yourself? Something that you know will take a lot of time and energy, but that would be worth it? You know that your friends and family would be supportive of? Well Seize The Day and let’s get started!


Cell Phone Challenge: Theoretically, living through a global pandemic has taught us what’s really important in our lives. And yet, it has also made us (potentially) more reliant on our devices. Challenge yourself and others to put your phone down to support CAMH! Don’t worry, you can keep the call functions on for emergencies or reaching out to loved ones if you or someone you know needs support. Determine the length (for some, even 24 hours might be very difficult) then decide if you want to do it on your own, or or as a group challenge!

Create a piece of art: Not the artistic type? Challenge yourself to draw, paint, or sculpt something. You can ask for donations to support your work, and even auction it off when it’s complete to the highest bidder!

Extreme physical challenges: Test your limits physically and raise funds for CAMH in support of your efforts. You could run the equivalent of a Toronto to Thunder Bay drive. You could ride or spin the equivalent of the Tour de France. You could walk a certain number of steps every day for a month. You get the idea! Whatever it is, make sure it is a challenge that you can do safely!

Shave your head: You could either ask for donations in support of your decision or you could set an ambitious fundraising goal and shave your head only if you reach it!

Reading challenge: Are you an avid reader? Or not at all? Select a number of books and a timeframe, then challenge yourself!

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