Meals for Mental Health

During this global pandemic, please think about how you can host your fundraiser safely and in accordance with your local public health guidelines. The ideas below can be adapted for smaller, physically distanced groups or as virtual experiences.

Meals for Mental Health

Gather your friends, family, colleagues and associates and host a meal together and ask them to donate what they would have spent on a night out to CAMH. You can organize the gathering through a video-calling program/app (e.g. Webex, Zoom, Facetime, etc.) and friends can either cook the exact same meal and you can compare notes, or something completely different. As the organizer, you can theme the gathering such as a formal dinner (e.g. everyone dresses up, even though they are at home) or with food by country/ethnicity, or anything else. Let your imagination run wild in ways to make this event special, and ask guests to make a donation to support CAMH. Whether this is due to physical distancing practices or to gather friends from around the world, we can still raise important funds for mental health while gathering for a wonderful meal and engaging in important conversations.


Dinner Party: As the host, you would provide dinner for your guests, and ask them to make a donation to CAMH for what they would have spent on a night out. Possible themes are endless and are only limited by your imagination! You could have a country or region-themed dinner (e.g. An Evening In Paris), a type of food as your subject (e.g. chili cook-off) or have it in honour of someone you know (e.g. birthday, retirement, etc.). Themes can help influence your menu, beverages, music, décor, etc.

Virtual dinner night: Share a meal with your friends by each ordering takeout from your favourite restaurant and meeting virtually for dinner and conversation.

Pizza Party: This option often involves all guests making their own pizzas, with you providing the bases (pizza crust, pitas, english muffins, etc.) and toppings. If you’re somewhere you may not have ovens (e.g. at work), you can order in and think of a way to make it special.

Corporate or Community BBQs or Ice Cream Socials: These can be hosted in either a corporate or community/neighbourhood setting. BBQs are available for rent or you can bring a company in to cater. And for the ice cream, you can be as simple as a pre-packaged treat to a build-your-own ice cream sundae. Just be sure to follow all health precautions and safe food-handling. Guests will ‘pay’ for their meal and/or treat.

Corporate Executive or Community Leaders Meals: Corporate executives or community leaders could host breakfast or lunch for those that are interested in spending some time with them. You could raise funds by donation for the meal, to the highest fundraiser or auction off the opportunity.

Pancake Breakfast: One of the original fundraising meals, host a pancake breakfast for your community or company. Ingredients are fairly inexpensive and most people love pancakes! Make it a festive affair and all proceeds will support CAMH.

The Big Game: Invite your network to come together virtually to watch a sporting event. There are lots of great recipes online for appropriate foods (e.g. wings, nachos, etc.) that people can make at home. ‘Charge’ your friends for ‘admission’ with proceeds supporting mental health.

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