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You'll Never Walk Alone Challenge

:: MARCH You’ll Never Walk Alone Challenge - Giving and reaching out to Seniors and to those living alone in our communities ::
During the pandemic, one demographic has been particularly hard hit - our Seniors. The seniors in our lives and community helped to build the society and the wonderful neighborhoods we are all a part of today. Many helped break down the earliest obstacles in gender and diversity and we all have much to be grateful for in their contributions to the lives we live today. During the pandemic the social infrastructures they so depended on were broken down and continue to be, and as a result, many are experiencing deep isolation, loneliness, and a lack of connection.
It it is normal to feel anxious and afraid while we deal with the effects of this pandemic. We know this situation is stressful for everyone; people living with mental illness and addictions may be finding it especially difficult to cope.
In response, we invite you to set aside time daily to walk/run, give back, and reach out to the Seniors in your life, or to those who live alone, including family members, friends, and neighbors. The exercise portion of the challenge will last from March 1 to March 31.

Together, we can give people hope for a better tomorrow.
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