2019 One Brave Night for Mental Health

City Flutes
City Flutes

City Flutes

$150 Fundraising target by May 10, 2019!

City Flutes' fundrasing target is set at $150 but I'm sure we'll knock the our fundraising target out of the park with your help! Please donate today, and look for TEAM: CITY FLUTES when you look for the Name of the Participating Team.


City Flutes ensemble will be performing 2 special concerts in support of CAMH's One Brave Night for Mental Health.

Fri, May 10, 5pm at Dufferin/St Clair Library, 1625 Dufferin St (on east side of Dufferin St, south of St Clair)

~Friday's concert is the official city wide CAMH event, where artistic talent are showcasing events in support of CAMH

Sun May 12, 2pm at Maria A. Shchuka Library, 1745 Eglinton Ave W (1 block east of Dufferin or 2 blocks west of Oakwood)

This City Flutes concert is dedicated to maternal mental health and parental mental health.


Lana Chou Hoyt is the founder and ensemble leader of City Flutes ensemble. She started the ensemble in 2007 to make music with flute players across the city. Lana is grateful for her musician friends who will be joining her in this important outreach and community concerts.

As a first time mom of a toddler, Lana is grateful for all the extra support and mental health services she received during the postpartum years in various hospitals, her healthcare team, as well as CAMH where she completed an amazing and invaluable Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) group participants' course. These services were crucial to Lana's recovery and adjustment into motherhood. During this difficult time, taking some time out for music and teaching music education to her private piano and flute students was another form of invaluable therapy, doing what she loves while sharing her love of music with others. Maintaining her musical commitnments with others was another major factor in maintaining her sense of self while adjusting to motherhood.

Mental health is a broad term that covers a lot of ground, and Lana is ready to help bring more awareness to everyday mental health that the average person might experience, to the stresses of new moms and new parents when raising a child from newborn through all the stages of childhood development, as well as all the different streams of mental health conditions that fall under the umbrella of mental health.

For Lana, learning the new language surrounding self care, postpartum depression, and triggers, was an eye opening experience. She has learned to lead a life of balance coupled with healthier mental health choices for day to day life. Her journey has made her become an advocate for mental health services and resources, and ensuring more accessibility to those who need the extra support and care.

Lana aims to break down the stigma of mental health by reaching out to talk more openenly about her experiences.

Let's meet up for coffee, lunch, or a playdate, and Lana would be happy to share her story to spread the awareness, but also to ensure less people feel alone during the cloudy or stomy days.


From now until Friday, May 10th, I’m showcasing my hidden talent in support of mental health!

CAMH One Brave Night is a chance to share a piece of myself with the world for a great cause. I am excited (and a bit nervous!) to express my passion and creativity, so we can inspire hope for the one in five Canadians who experience mental illness every year.

Please donate today and help me reach my fundraising goal.

Together we will break down stigma, fund innovative research, and provide access to new and promising treatments for people living with mental illness.

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