2019 One Brave Night for Mental Health

The Total Blam-Blam ready to rock out!!
The Total Blam-Blam ready to rock out!!

Montreal Jams - The Total Blam Blam

Hey!  We're The Total Blam-Blam and are down to rock out to raise some cash and the awareness of mental health treatment. 

Like you, we know that people living with mental illness no longer have to look for a shadow to live in. 

Whether it's depression or anxiety or bipolar disorder, short term treatment or longer, the first time someone accesses support or the most recent time -- it doesn't matter. 

An open mind is the one thing that always matters.

So feel free to make any donation that feels right to to you.  Or just look out for us jamming on May 10.  The support you give us endorses your awesome open mind, and shows others that you'll be backing them up too.   

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