2019 One Brave Night for Mental Health

Ramp + CAMH = One Brave Night for mental health
Ramp + CAMH = One Brave Night for mental health


On Friday, May 10th, we’re stepping into the spotlight and showcasing our hidden talents for One Brave Night in support of CAMH and mental health!

We’re hosting a variety show at Ramp with our friends and family to perform and share a piece of ourselves for this great cause. Who will sing? Who will dance? Who will do a magic trick? Donate and follow @RampAgencyTO to find out and see highlights from our #OneBraveNight.

Please donate today to help us reach our $500 fundraising goal so we can inspire hope for the 1 in 5 Canadians who experience mental illness every year.

Together we will break down stigma, fund innovative research, and provide access to new and promising treatments for people living with mental illness.

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