2019 One Brave Night for Mental Health

One Brave Night Oakville

Welcome to the One Brave Night Oakville team page!

This first "One Brave Night Oakville" event is being created by a group of Oakville moms who have children with mental health issues. While mental health affects all ages, our event is geared toward youth, and we invite all teens struggling wth their mental health to join us for a free evening of fun and support. 

When:  Friday, May 10, 2019 (same night as all the other One Brave Night events out there)

Where: Nottinghill Youth Centre, 1131 Nottinghill Gate, in Glen Abbey, Oakville

Time: 7pm - Midnight (the Youth Centre typically closes at 9pm, but we have special permission to stay open for this occasion. Come ANY TIME -- early or late -- and stay as long as you'd like)

Ages: 12-19 (same age range as the Youth Centre)

Cost: FREE

What should you expect? The evening is about having fun while supporting the mental health cause. While there will be games to play (pool, ping pong, board games, etc), art to create and showcase, food to eat, baking to be done, we will also have special guests offering short classes and/or information on yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and more. 

We are creating a setting where those struggling with mental health issues can come together in a SAFE, supportive environment, enjoy an evening out, and realize you are not alone.

Note about this year's CAMH theme: Showcasing Your Hidden Talent

You may have noticed that this year, CAMH has created a theme for One Brave Night: Showcasing Your Hidden Talent. At our event, we won't be asking anyone to sing or dance (unless you want to!), but we will have a "Showcase your art wall" where you can make something on-site and display it, or feel free to bring something from home that you feel proud of and would like to display for the evening. We'd love to see your talent, whether it be something drawn, written, sculpted, or other. 

If you'd like to make a donation to the One Brave Night Oakville team, we'd really appreciate that. All donations go to the CAMH Foundation, to help break down stigma, fund innovative research, and provide access to new and promising treatments for people living with mental illness. And that sometimes includes our children.

Thank you,

Diana Spremo, Team Captain, Oakville resident and proud mom of a teen with mental illness


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