Gifts of Light

Every gift comes with a beautiful card. Use it to show your family and friends the
Gift of Light you have given in their name.

Suggested Gifts

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Everyone should feel special on their birthday! This gift will give a patient a birthday party and is a positive way for them to connect with their peers.
This is your chance to contribute to life-changing mental health research. You'll inspire hope and confidence in millions of Canadians living with mental illness.
Successful re-entry into the community requires living on a budget. Your gift will teach patients this valuable skill so they can maximize their income now and throughout their lives.
Computer skills are essential for patients preparing to re-enter the community and work force. Your gift will ensure a patient has the skills needed to navigate work and daily life in our digital world.
You'll help patients learn essential cooking skills so they can properly care for themselves. Step by step, they'll be guided through buying groceries, meal prep and clean-up duties. Perfect for the chef in your life!
Many people living with mental illness are at a greater risk for serious dental issues. Proper and accessible care is not a luxury - it's essential. Your gift of dental care, including work on bridges, implants and dentures, is sure to bring a smile.
Many patients simply do not have the proper clothes when interviewing for new jobs. You can provide a strong start by outfitting an eager-to-impress job seeker.
For a patient who arrives at our doors with nothing, even the most basic items can mean everything. You can provide necessities like socks, toiletries and personal care items that give dignity and comfort.
Exercise has proven benefits for mental and physical health. Your gift will help keep our gym equipment up-to-date so our patients can stay physically fit while on the road to recovery.
Artistic expression can be a powerful force for healing and recovery. Your gift of art materials like sketchbooks and paints will help patients express their emotions and reduce stress.
These special Friday events are focused on having fun and learning about self-care all while enjoying a little R & R! Your gift will help people feel less like patients and help them feel good about themselves.
Even little things help make the transition back into the community intimidating. Your gift provides a departing patient with a backpack filled with essentials like deodorant, a hairbrush, a water bottle and public transit fare.
Music has the power to calm and heal. Help our patients express themselves and build positive relationships with peers through the joy of music.
Give a gift that is truly unforgettable. A patient will be delighted to receive a personal item selected by our caring staff just for them - from you.
PJs and slippers may not seem like a luxury, but they are when the alternative is a hospital gown. These cozy gifts will help a patient maintain their dignity in comfort.
Maximize your gift of pajamas and slippers by adding essential toiletries and personal care items such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap and lotion for only $25 more!
Recovery enables our patients to pursue their dreams. Open a world of possibilities with your gift of a scholarship that helps a patient enroll in college, university or an apprenticeship program.
Who doesn't love time with a furry friend? Share this joy with patients by supporting weekly visits from pet therapy volunteers and their skilled canine companions. This is one paw-esome gift!
Many of our incoming patients haven't received proper eye care in years and struggle to see properly. Your gift supports recovery by supplying reading glasses that allow patients to read, learn computer skills in comfort.
Many patients rely heavily on our library to learn, relax and stay informed. Your gift will provide new books and magazines for grateful readers.
The transition from CAMH to a new environment is a big change! This customized gift helps a patient settle into their new place by providing essentials like towels, utensils and even curtain rods.
Your gift of a cute and plush friend and a cozy blanket will give a patient a sense of safety and comfort. It's especially meaningful for those struggling with depression or mood-related impairments.
This extraordinary gift provides customized gifts to improve and promote a patient's journey on the path to recovery.
In order to seize new opportunities, patients must be able to get from Point A to Point B. Your gift provides transportation to life-changing appointments like job interviews or apartment hunting.
Too often, our patients brave the cold Canadian winter with little to keep them warm. The gift of a hat, scarf and mittens will allow them to feel comfortable outdoors all winter long.
Help a patient engage in healthy activities like yoga or running with the support and encouragement of a recreational therapist. Perfect for the fitness buffs on your list!

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