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You can help patients today and tomorrow. All our patients have unique stories and their own needs, desires and comforts. With the following gifts, you can help us meet our patients’ specific and practical needs to make their stay as positive as possible. You can also help build a brighter future for patients facing mental illness or addictions by supporting leading-edge research.

Every gift comes with a beautiful card. Use it to show your family and friends the
Gift of Light you have given in their name.

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Breakthrough Fund.
We're leaders in mental health and addiction research. Help us offer hope to the millions of Canadians who live with a mental illness or addiction.


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How Did You Know?
Give a patient a gift he or she will remember. Our caring staff will select just the right item to brighten a patient's day.


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Research for Moms.
You can be part of the next extraordinary discovery at CAMH. Your gift supports groundbreaking research like Dr. Meyer's that helps develop new treatments for women mothers, sisters, daughters and their families. Please donate today to help prevent women and their families from experiencing mental illness, like post-partum depression.


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The Brightest Gift of Light.
With this gift, you will provide a customized assortment of gifts designed to have the biggest impact for a patient on the road to recovery.


SHARE YOUR NOTEPlease share an encouraging note with the patients and clients who rely on CAMH every day.