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Birthday Party.
Who doesn't appreciate feeling special on their birthday? This gift will allow a patient to celebrate on his or her birthday a positive way to connect with the CAMH community!


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Feel Good Fridays.
These special Friday events are focused on having fun and learning about self-care all while enjoying a little R & R! Your gift will help people feel less like patients and help them feel good about themselves.


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Financial Toolkit.
Living within a budget is an important life skill for all of us. Your gift will teach patients how to make the most of their income after leaving CAMH.


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Start-Up Essentials.
Starting a new life from scratch isn't easy! This customized gift is designed to help a patient settle back into the community by providing helpful start-up essentials such as towels, utensils, even curtain rods!


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Sweat it Out.
Regular exercise has proven benefits for both body and mind. Your gift will help keep our gym equipment up-to-date so our patients can stay physically fit and enjoy the mental benefits of sweating it out.


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