Education and Career

Every gift comes with a beautiful card. Use it to show your family and friends the
Gift of Light you have given in their name.

Learning is a key part of the healing and recovery process. We strive to equip and encourage our patients for future success—especially the many young adults we help during a critical time in their lives. These gifts help provide patients with the knowledge and skills needed to find their way after leaving CAMH.

Suggested Gifts

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Successful re-entry into the community requires living on a budget. Your gift will teach patients this valuable skill so they can maximize their income now and throughout their lives.
Computer skills are essential for patients preparing to re-enter the community and work force. Your gift will ensure a patient has the skills needed to navigate work and daily life in our digital world.
Recovery enables our patients to pursue their dreams. Open a world of possibilities with your gift of a scholarship that helps a patient enroll in college, university or an apprenticeship program.
Many patients rely heavily on our library to learn, relax and stay informed. Your gift will provide new books and magazines for grateful readers.

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