After CAMH

Every gift comes with a beautiful card. Use it to show your family and friends the
Gift of Light you have given in their name.

The transition back into the community can be difficult. That’s why we’re here for our patients during this crucial period. We provide a network of support as they adjust to their new surroundings. With these gifts, you can help someone continue their progress and experience a positive, successful reintegration into their community.

Suggested Gifts

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Everyone should feel special on their birthday! This gift will give a patient a birthday party and is a positive way for them to connect with their peers.
You'll help patients learn essential cooking skills so they can properly care for themselves. Step by step, they'll be guided through buying groceries, meal prep and clean-up duties. Perfect for the chef in your life!
Even little things help make the transition back into the community intimidating. Your gift provides a departing patient with a backpack filled with essentials like deodorant, a hairbrush, a water bottle and public transit fare.
Many of our incoming patients haven't received proper eye care in years and struggle to see properly. Your gift supports recovery by supplying reading glasses that allow patients to read, learn computer skills in comfort.

SHARE YOUR NOTEPlease share an encouraging note with the patients and clients who rely on CAMH every day.