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Today, CAMH researchers are making discoveries that will save lives and change the way that we treat mental illness.

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Make a Donation:


Carole said Not Today

Carole’s experience with mental illness began after giving birth to her first child. She knew something was off, but thought the feelings she was having just meant she wasn’t cut out for motherhood. While Carole still lives with depression and anxiety, the research happening at CAMH gives her hope for the future.

Today, CAMH researchers are developing a supplement that could prevent postpartum depression. Your donation will create more hope for people like Carole.

“I have two daughters who one day may decide that they want to be mothers, and I hope that when the day comes, postpartum depression is a thing of the past.”

- Carole Dagher, Mental Health advocate

Mental health research is saving lives today

Today, CAMH is driving real change in mental health. From walled asylum to symbol of hope, CAMH has become a world leader in mental health with over 120 scientists at the heart of our research program. Today, our discoveries are improving treatments, changing attitudes, shaping policies and creating real hope for people with mental illness not just in Canada, but around the world. With your support, we can make breakthroughs, dismantle barriers and save lives. The future of mental health starts today—right here, right now, with all of us.

“I chose to give to CAMH and hope to be able to support more in years to come because I believe in the latest science of trauma, resilience and addiction. I believe that confronting social-psychological traumas can help us evolve while assisting our services to adapt for effective science-led treatments.” - Michael Joaquín Reyes, CAMH donor

Together, we can prevent suicide. Donate today.

Give again today. Mental health research needs your support.

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Reasons to give today


“I think people should support CAMH research because we’ve tolerated inaction and inequity for too long, and it’s time for this change.”

- Susan, mental health advocate


“CAMH single-handedly saved my life, multiple times. CAMH gives me the hope that I need when I don’t have the hope to go on another day.”

- Carole, mental health advocate


“I lost myself [and] I lost my soul. With the help of CAMH and other treatment facilities, I got the help that I needed.”

- Stacey, lived experience of addiction


“PTSD and depression are not a life sentence...with the research going on at CAMH, that gives hope, it strengthens hope.”

- Rob, mental health advocate


“I think people should support CAMH research…they’re coming up with cures. I’m thankful for the research that’s happened already because it’s helped me.”

- Paul, lived experience of dementia


“My life was saved as a result of discoveries that were made by CAMH scientists. Without their help and support, I wouldn’t be alive today”

- Rohan, lived experience of depression, anxiety and Bipolar II