Workplace Mental Health Playbook for Business Leaders

Download these research-informed workplace recommendations from Canada’s foremost mental health hospital and global leader in mental health research.

Prioritizing and addressing mental health in the workplace is the right thing to do for your employees, and for your bottom line.

When done effectively, the potential impacts to your business include higher performance, lower absenteeism and reduced disability costs.

5 Powerful Recommendations

This first-of-its-kind, user-friendly playbook provides a path to more effective solutions and better outcomes for employees and for businesses, through five powerful recommendations.

Based on Evidence

As one of the world’s leading mental health hospitals and research centres, CAMH is uniquely positioned to catalyze and advance a movement for workplace mental health across Canada. CAMH’s recommendations are based on the best available evidence, and were shaped by feedback from business leaders as well as CAMH researchers, clinicians and experts.

What Canadian Business Leaders Are Saying

CAMH Foundation

"Mental health is the next frontier in workplace inclusivity. I joined CAMH because I firmly believe that employee mental health is the most important issue facing workplaces today.”

- Deborah Gillis, President and CEO, CAMH Foundation

BMO Financial Group

"BMO is deeply committed to doing all that we can to recognize mental health is health both in our workplace and beyond. We provide our employees with a robust benefits package, information and training, and are focused on building a culture that encourages our teams to share their experiences and seek support for the challenges they face."

- Cameron Fowler, President, North American Personal & Business Banking at BMO Financial Group

CAA Club Group

“We want our employees to feel comfortable talking about mental wellness as an important aspect of overall wellness. At CAA, we understand that every employee is unique, and we’re working to provide the full spectrum of supports they might need.”

- Matthew Turack, Group President, Insurance, CAA Club Group


"At DIALOG, we're focused on designing spaces that support well-being, and enabling people to collaborate and be their best selves. We want to ensure that's reflected within our organization, so it's important to us that we understand and consider the impact of the workplace on mental health.”

- Alison McNeil, Principal, Interior Design, Toronto Office, DIALOG

By 2041, the cumulative cost of mental illness in Canada will be $2.5 trillion

Mental illness is a leading and particularly expensive cause of disability in Canada. Download this first-of-its-kind, user-friendly playbook to take on this cause with confidence.

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