Thank you for stepping up to share one night to inspire hope for Canadians living with mental illness. Your efforts are helping to transform lives!

Now that you have registered, here are some tips and tools to help you make the most impact.

Your One Brave Night Checklist

Thank you for registering for the CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health™ challenge April 6 is fast approaching! Use this checklist to help guide your One Brave Night planning and get your friends and family excited about getting involved:

  • Share your personal story with us, your team and supporters
  • Access your Participant Centre to customize your personal page
  • Start telling your friends, family and community about your One Brave Night for Mental Health challenge by using the customizable emails in the Participant Centre, by phone or personal email
  • Create a fundraising plan and come up with ideas to fundraise. Visit the Participant Centre for fundraising ideas
  • Decide on your location and/or book a venue
  • Create an invite to your One Brave Night for Mental Health challenge
  • Create your invitation list and send out your invitation
  • If you’re part of a team, grow your fundraising support circle and add members. Think outside the box and approach everyone!
  • Post to your social media channels and challenge others to join you by donating or joining your team to raise awareness and funds to support those living with mental illness
  • Challenge your teammates with some friendly competition! The first team member to email five people gets a special treat you can purchase and provide as an incentive such as a gift card when you reach the end of your One Brave Night challenge!
  • Add your One Brave Night for Mental Health challenge participation to your work email signature
  • Follow-up on your One Brave Night RSVP list and finalize your guest list
  • Let your team know what goals have been achieved and encourage them to keep going with their personal fundraising
  • Plan for your event on May 10. What are you wearing? What does your event need: Food? Party favours? Lights that match CAMH’s purple? Purple nail polish?
  • Put on your One Brave Night gear and start snapping selfies during your event
  • Have fun at your event!
  • Post your selfie or group selfie and add hash tag #OneBraveNight
  • Thank everyone who supported and donated to your OBN challenge
  • Collect cash or cheque donations and keep track of them on your pledge form. Visit the Participant Centre for your form
  • Submit all pledge forms with corresponding donations to CAMH Foundation, 100 Stokes Street, 5th floor, Bell Gateway Building, Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1H4
  • Provide us with feedback or comments on the CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health challenge by emailing us

It’s time to step up and inspire hope! Access your Participant Centre and rally your friends and family to participate and donate to your One Brave Night!

Tips & Tools

Your Participant Centre

Your Participant Centre is your central place to manage your One Brave Night. Customize your personal page, email your team mates, monitor your fundraising progress. You can upload your contacts, send a customized email and track who has responded. Plus, you can post to social and add cash/cheque donations to your fundraising total all from your Participant Centre. Access your Participant Centre to take a tour.

  • Tip 1. Customize Your Personal Page

    Getting started is easy. Here’s how:

    • Access your Participant Centre.
    • Navigate to your Personal Page, where you can upload your own photo or video and personalize the page by telling people why you are participating in the CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health™ challenge.
  • Tip 2. Email friends, family, colleagues

    • We’ve created customizable emails for you to easily edit and send to your friends, family and colleagues. Emails inviting people to join your team, emails inviting people to sponsor you, and emails to thank people when they do.
    • Access your Participant Centre now to browse the emails available to you. And check back regularly as we’ll add news ones to help you continue to inspire your networks.

Tip 3. Get social with these sample posts

Here are some posts you can use:

It's time to step up to defeat mental illness. Register for CAMH #OneBraveNight with me!

I’m stepping up to inspire hope for 1 in 5 Canadians living with mental illness in any given year. Sponsor my #OneBraveNight >>> REMEMBER: insert a link to your personal page<<<

Join me in CAMH #OneBraveNight, a Canada-wide challenge to inspire hope for the 1 in 5 Canadians living with mental illness:

CAMH #OneBraveNight for Mental Health is your chance to step up and inspire hope for Canadians living with mental illness:

Use these hashtags:

#OneBraveNight #CAMH #OneBraveSelfie

Tag us!

Tip 4. Update your profile pic

Updating your profile picture will remind your friends and family that you have taken the CAMH One Brave Night challenge and may prompt them to support your efforts!

Access your participant centre, go to Personal Page section and click the Photo/Video link to personalize your page. If your photo doesn't look clear, try resizing to 400x300 pixels. You can edit your photo using this free online tool:

Tip 5. Set the bar high

Start your fundraising with the person you know will set the bar for others. Is that your mom, your spouse, your boss? Have them give first so others will see a challenge.

Tip 6. Ask for a specific amount.

Ask for that amount or chose an amount that you think is aspirational but possible. If appropriate, choose a gift level that ties to something relevant to you, perhaps it’s your 32nd birthday or you want to mark the 100 days since your brother had a drink. “I’m asking you to sponsor me with a gift of $100 to show your commitment to mental health.”

Tip 7. Attitude matters.

Ask for donations with the expectation of a ‘Yes’. Approaching an ask with a positive attitude improves your odds of success. Every time.

Tip 8. Tell people how their support will make a difference.

Every donor to CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health is helping to stop mental illness from destroying lives by supporting advances in care, breakthroughs in research and by lending their voice to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness that prevents people from seeking help.

Tip 9: Be prepared to hear ‘No’.

Don’t take this personally. Say thanks anyway and move on to your next ask.

Tip 10: Show your thanks.

Thank each supporter when they make a gift, and throughout your fundraising efforts. Did you reach your first milestone? Let your supporters know they made this possible. When you reach your goal, thank them again for helping you succeed and helping defeat mental illness.

Fundraising Toolkit

Check out the One Brave Night Fundraising Toolkit for even more fundraising tips and ideas!


Right click or tap and hold the image and select 'Save As' to download. You can use it on a poster, a t-shirt or any other promotional material you want to create!

one brave night

Pledge Form

You can collect and track offline donations (cash and cheques) in your Participant Centre. This way, your offline donations are added to your fundraising total. When you're ready to mail your offline donations to us, you can print a summary from your Participant Centre. Download the pledge form.

For Team Captains

Thank you for registering as a team captain for CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health™! These tools will help you build and encourage a team to work together to help defeat mental illness. Set your fundraising goal high; inspire each other. In doing so, you will inspire hope for Canadians living with mental illness.

Recruit, recruit, recruit!

  • Email your family, friends and co-workers inviting them to join your team. The customizable team invitation email in your Participant Centre makes it easy to ask your network to support you.
    Remember to let them know about the Early Bird Registration prize!

  • Use the CAMH One Brave Night poster to get friends, colleagues, classmates interested in joining your team, starting their own (friendly competition??) or sponsoring you.
  • Post to your favourite social media channel, with posts like:
    Join my team 4 CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health! We’ll have so much fun helping stop mental illness from destroying lives. #OneBraveNight

Recruit 5+ People. Get a Team Kit**!

If you are one of the first 150 teams to recruit five or more people to be on your team by March 16, you will get a free team kit**.

**while quantities last