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What’s better than sharing a piece of yourself — your hidden talent — with the world? Sharing it for a great cause! Taking place on Friday, May 10, 2019, One Brave Night for Mental Health is a virtual campaign that challenges you to step into the spotlight and raise funds to support mental health. Register now and while you’re fine-tuning your performance, rally your friends and start fundraising. Sing a song, read a poem, do a dance, host an art show. It’s time to express your creativity and share it with the world during #OneBraveNight.

The rewards will be exhilarating!


Get Social

Join the challenge and the conversation. By sharing stories, you can help defeat mental illness. Connect with the #OneBraveNight community.


Thank you to our top fundraisers and teams! Keep up the great work.


  1. $1,000! Personal Gift Annette Verschuren - $15,750.00
  2. $1,000! Shael Risman - $5,743.00
  3. $1,000! Personal Gift Taylor Wigle - $3,910.00
  4. $1,000! Tim Whittaker - $3,114.54
  5. $1,000! Personal Gift Chloe Meadows - $2,531.85
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  1. CAMH Foundation - $6,869.00
  2. Team CIBC - $5,484.54
  3. Positively Mental - $2,531.85
  4. Golden Girls - $1,015.00
  5. PwC - $850.00
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CAMH Mental Health is Health

When it comes to mental health, the numbers are staggering:

2 out of 3
people with a mental illness are prevented from getting help because of stigma

patients treated last year through CAMH programs.

of mental health challenges start during childhood and adolescence.