Corporations: Get Involved

It’s your company’s time to shine and support mental health!


Your organization is full of talented, vibrant people, but they might not always get the chance to share their creative passions with colleagues. CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health on Friday, May 10th is an opportunity for employees at your company to showcase their hidden talents and inspire hope for people living with mental illness.

The statistics tell us one in five of our colleagues will experience mental illness in any given year. It’s the leading cause of disability in Canada, costing billions in lost productivity and even more in lost potential. This is an issue that touches us all. By participating in CAMH One Brave Night, your company will help break down the stigma surrounding mental illness and show people there is help—and there is hope.

There are many ways to customize CAMH One Brave Night—it’s virtual, flexible and can be built to fit with your company’s culture. Through this unique team-building event, you’ll give your employees a chance to shine and express themselves, all for a great cause. When your company team joins CAMH One Brave Night, you will have access to online tools and resources, making it easy to get everyone onboard and fundraising quickly. You will also get access to a company roll-up page to track all fundraising activity. Contact us if you are interested in getting more information to help support your One Brave Night.

Use the weeks leading up to CAMH One Brave Night on May 10th to engage your team and colleagues in fundraising activities to drive awareness and results:

On Friday, May 10th, your company can host a “hidden talent show” for employees to share a piece of themselves with their colleagues. Some ideas of what kinds of talents your employees might wish to showcase include: