About the Event

What is CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health™?
CAMH One Brave Night is a challenge to step up to inspire hope for the one in five Canadians that experience mental illness in any given year. Rally your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your challenge and raise funds for life-saving mental health care, research and awareness.

One Brave Night inspires hope for those living with mental illness. Join now and help stop mental illness from destroying lives.
Who can participate?
One Brave Night is open to all ages because you are never too old or too young to support those experiencing a mental illness. If participating as a family or with young children, please complete the parental permission form that is part of the registration process. Register now.
Can I do this on my own or do I have to do this as a group?
Either way is great! Registration for CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health™ allows both individuals and teams to participate. You can register as an individual, fundraise and participate in your own challenge to inspire hope. Visit Fundraising Tips & Tools to learn more.

If you want to participate as a team — either as a team member or the team captain — we offer a number of tools and resources to help you fundraise while having fun with your teammates. Visit Fundraising Tips & Tools to learn more.
What can I do to pass the time?
CAMH One Brave Night is a great opportunity to reconnect with family and friends and have fun while raising money and awareness about mental illness. Take this quiz to help you decide how YOU can step up to the challenge and inspire hope for the 1 in 5 Canadians living with mental illness in any given year.
When is the challenge?
CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health™ takes place on Friday, April 6, 2018.


How do I register?
Registration is easy. Simply click on Register and follow the steps. From here, you can register as an individual or start a team.

If you want to join an existing team, click Join a Team button and follow the steps.

In both cases, you’ll need to identify whether you are an adult or youth, as youth require parental/guardian permission. As you register, you’ll be able to make a donation to kick-start your fundraising.
How do I join an existing team? How do I start my own team?
It’s easy to join an existing team or start your own team. From the home page, simply click on Register, and follow the steps to join or start a new team.
NOTE: If you have already registered as an individual but would like to form or join a team, please contact us and provide your name, email address and the team you would like to join, or the name of the team you would like to form. We will have you set up as soon as possible!
Do I have to raise a minimum amount to participate?
No, there is no minimum amount required. However, we do encourage you to kick start your fundraising by self-donating as you register, showing your friends and family you are committed to inspiring hope.
Do you have any tools to help me fundraise and gather sponsors?
Absolutely! We’ve made it easy for you to rally your friends and family around CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health™. With a customizable fundraising page, you can add your photo and a personal story to encourage sponsors to donate and participate in the event. You can also send personalized emails with updates on your fundraising status. You can download a social profile pic with helpful sample social media posts to keep your network excited and up-to-date on your progress. See the Participant Centre for details.


How will my money be used?
Money raised through CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health™ challenge will be allocated to our Priority Fund. This fund is used to support the hospital’s areas of greatest need, including innovative research, public awareness efforts and the ongoing redevelopment of our hospital, including two new buildings dedicated to caring for people with serious mental illness. For more information, please visit the CAMH Foundation website.
How do I donate to support a participant or a team?
  • Click on the Donate button.
  • Enter the person’s first name and last name or team name in the search fields.
  • Click Search.
  • Click on the person or team to go to their personal fundraising page.
  • Click on Donate.
Thank you for shining a light on mental illness!
Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?
Yes! If you donate online, your tax receipt is automatically emailed to the email address you provide at the time of donation. If you give a donation of $10 or more offline (through cash or cheque), we’ll mail you your tax receipt.
We cannot issue tax receipts for donations less than $10.
I haven’t received a tax receipt for my donation. What should I do?
Thank you for supporting us! Please provide us with a little more information about the issue:

Did you donate online? If your donation was made online, you should automatically receive a tax receipt by email. Sometimes these emails end up in junk mail folders. If it’s not there, please email info@onebravenight.ca so we can get you your tax receipt.

Did you donate by cash or cheque? If your donation is $10 or more, we’ll automatically mail you your tax receipt. Please note, we cannot issue tax receipts for donations less than $10.
For all other tax receipt inquiries, please contact us.
I entered the wrong donation amount. How do I fix it?
No problem! Please email info@onebravenight.ca and we’ll get it corrected for you.
How do I get a Team Kit?
Become a Team Captain and recruit five or more people to be on your team. If you are one of the first 150 teams to do so by March 16, we will send the Team Captain a free Team Kit*!
*while quantities last