Community Events

Community Events

Are you organizing an event or activity to support your Sunrise Challenge fundraising, or looking for a local meetup to watch the sunrise with other participants?

We want to help promote your activity and build our amazing community of Sunrise Challenge supporters. Whether it's yoga in the park, a fitness class or a sunrise viewing party, inviting people to join in on the fun can help you reach your fundraising goals and make an even bigger impact.

Complete this form to share your event on the Sunrise Challenge website. If you are looking for an event to join, we invite you to review the list of events below.

Share your event

Please note that while we welcome submissions of events from the public, we are not responsible for any events that are not organized or sponsored by CAMH. We reserve the right to decline or remove any event submissions that do not align with our values or mission.


Merci à nos généreux commanditaires de s'être levés avec nous pour transformer le Défi du lever du jour en réalité. Ensemble, nous stimulerons les avancées en recherche, accélérerons le rythme des découvertes et montrerons aux personnes atteintes de maladies mentales qu'elles ne sont pas laissées pour compte.

Étoile montante