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The Challenge

Taking the Sunrise Challenge is a fun and simple way to support CAMH and the work we’re doing to find new solutions to the most complex issues in mental health. Participants in the Sunrise Challenge are asked to post a photo of their Sunrise Moment with #CAMHSunriseChallenge to social media every day of the challenge.

Rising Together

Participants in the Sunrise Challenge are asked to post a photo of their Sunrise Moment with #CAMHSunriseChallenge to social media every day of the challenge.

  • Your Sunrise Moment can be a picture of the sunrise, an alarm clock, your breakfast, or anything else that shows people you completed the challenge that day by waking up early.
  • We encourage you to do something positive for your mental health during your Sunrise Moment — whether that means taking time to meditate, move or read.
  • Sign up for the Sunrise Challenge email updates for announcements about our daily Sunrise activities!


  • March 31, 2021 Early Bird Registration Deadline
  • May 31, 2021 Sunrise Challenge begins
  • June 6, 2021 Sunrise Challenge Closing Ceremonies
  • June 7, 2021 Last day for fundraising to count towards incentive prizes

honorary chair

Annette Verschuren

To recognize her incredible mental health leadership and visionary support of CAMH, we are proud to recognize Annette Verschuren as an Honorary Chair of this year’s Sunrise Challenge. Annette has served on CAMH Foundation’s Board of Directors, Corporate Advisory Council and led many fundraising efforts for CAMH over the years. Annette is also the Sunrise Challenge’s first Event Patron, with a generous donation of over $40,000. We are thrilled to welcome Annette as an Honorary Chair of the inaugural Sunrise Challenge.

Event Patrons

Event Patrons are passionate supporters of the Sunrise Challenge who have made donations of $1,000 or more. Donate today to become one of our Event Patrons!

  • Jamie Anderson
  • Debra Bancroft
  • Nancy Barber
  • Ms. Aimee Beeston
  • Monica Belcourt
  • Ms. Stacey Carcao
  • Joe & Maureen Cofelice
  • Dave & Joan Cole
  • Deborah and Peter Doyle
  • Mrs. Claudia E. Fieder
  • EA Foods Inc
  • Steve Laut/Lori Egger
  • Martin Elliott
  • Mrs. Claudia E. Fieder
  • Carolyn Fitzpatrick
  • Lisa Forwell
  • Ms. Deborah Gillis
  • Shop Goldie
  • Mr. John A. Gordon
  • Monique Gravel
  • Habs fan
  • Ms. Helen Mallovy Hicks
  • Martine M. Irman
  • Joe and Kristin
  • Judy & John Kitchen
  • Andrea LaFayette
  • Dennis and Ruth Langwell
  • LOGISTEC Corporation
  • Marilynne Madigan
  • Ms. Eileen McMahon
  • Monika Merz
  • C. Pakosz
  • Madeleine Paquin
  • Mr. Patrick Pichette
  • Lucy & Rob Pike
  • Sharon Rudy
  • Rykito
  • Theresa Rynard
  • David F. Sobey
  • Vagn Soerensen
  • Doreen Stevenson
  • Jeff Stevenson
  • Ms. Natasha Vandenhoven
  • Ms. Annette M. Verschuren
  • William and Lorna
  • David and Shelagh Wilson
  • Ms. Robin M. Young
  • R & D Young
  • Anonymous (x10)

Fundraising Superstars

Fundraising Superstars have raised $1,000 or more to support CAMH's ground-breaking mental health research and suicide prevention initiatives. Register to begin your fundraising efforts and become one of our first Fundraising Superstars!

event committee

Thank you to the Sunrise Challenge Committee for their leadership, expertise, and passion to bring CAMH’s first-ever Sunrise Challenge to life.

  • Tim Coldwell, Co-Chair
  • Claudia Fieder, Co-Chair
  • Raji Aujla
  • Aimee Beeston
  • Deborah Belcourt
  • Marla Charlette
  • Alexandra Fieder
  • Wiktoria Kagan
  • Heather Kaine
  • Tanya Kololian
  • Riley Krembil
  • Marilynne Madigan
  • Tony Tsai
  • Dr. Gursharan Virdee


Thank you to our generous sponsors for rising with us to make the Sunrise Challenge possible. With their support, we’re accelerating progress in mental health research, improving access to care, and creating hope for people who live with mental illness every day.