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The Sunrise Challenge fundraiser invites Canadians to wake up with the sun for 5 days (May 30 to June 3) while raising money to support the groundbreaking mental health research and suicide prevention initiatives happening at CAMH. By rising together and rallying our friends, family and co-workers behind the cause, we can change the way the world sees and treats mental illness.

Your Sunrise Moment can be whatever you want it to be! Wake up with the sun and do something good for your mental health and take a picture to share that moment.

We encourage you to join other participants in starting your day with the sun throughout the Sunrise Challenge. If this isn’t possible for you, consider another way you can challenge yourself by doing something positive for your mental health and sharing how you start your day for your own personal challenge.

If this challenge isn’t for you but you’d like to take part in a fundraiser for CAMH, you can learn about how to start your own Community Fundraiser for CAMH here.

Your Sunrise Moment can capture the beauty of the sunrise that day, but feel free to get creative! You can share anything that gives people a glimpse into your morning—a PJ selfie, cup of coffee, yoga mat, alarm clock—anything to show your followers you completed the challenge that morning by rising with the sun.

All registered participants of the Sunrise Challenge should be 18 years of age or older as of registration.

Share your daily Sunrise Moments on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #CAMHSunriseChallenge

All the information you'll need can be found on our website and you can share your daily Sunrise Moments with your friends and family via email if you prefer.

You don’t have to be a great photographer to participate! Sharing your own Sunrise Moment point-of-view is sure to inspire your network while raising money for the ground-breaking work taking place at CAMH.

Yes! If you donate online, your tax receipt is automatically emailed to the email address you provide at the time of donation. If you make a donation of $10 or more offline (cash or cheque), we will send your tax receipt through the mail. We are unable to issue tax receipts for donations less than $10.

If you donate online, your tax receipt will be automatically emailed to you within 24 hours of making your donation.

If you donate offline via cheque either dropped off at the CAMH Foundation offices directly or through the mail, tax receipts will be issued approximately 14 business days after receipt of the funds.

Please contact foundation@camh.ca if you require a duplicate of your tax receipt.

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We’re here to help. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments.


Thank you to our generous sponsors for rising with us to make the 2022 Sunrise Challenge possible. With their support, we’re accelerating progress in mental health research, improving access to care, and creating hope for people who live with mental illness every day.