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When you fundraise for CAMH, you help us discover new solutions to the most complex mental health issues in the world. That's why it's so important to set an ambitious fundraising goal like $500 or even $5,000 if you can! Whatever number comes to mind is a great place to start—and every dollar counts. To set you up for success, our fundraising platform makes asking for and receiving donations simple and secure. Below, you will find fundraising toolkits with tips and tricks to help you become a fundraising superstar.


Earn Badge Rewards

From being a Team Captain to landing a spot on the Top 10 Fundraisers leaderboard, badge rewards acknowledge and celebrate every fundraising milestone you achieve while taking the Sunrise Challenge. How many badge rewards can you collect?

Fundraising Rewards

As an added bonus for your fundraising efforts, you can receive the following fundraising rewards! Rally friends and family to support mental health—and receive some perks to add to your Sunrise Challenge experience.

Hurry! Some rewards are while quantities last!

$50+ | Sunrise Challenge Profile Pic Frame ‘Shining Star’ Social Filter [Digital]

Raising $50 for mental health research is worth celebrating! When you raise $50, we’ll send you a profile pic frame to let others know you are a Shining Star for mental health.

$100+ | Above + Sunrise Challenge Inspiration Kit [Printable]

We want your Sunrise Challenge to be the best ever! Raise over $100 to receive the Profile Pic Frame (Shining Star Social filter) plus our printable Sunrise Challenge Inspiration Kit—a guided worksheet, gratitude cards, and a recipe to help build your morning challenge with positivity!

$500+ | Above + Sunrise Challenge Inspiration Kit [Physical]** Hurry, first 1,000 people only!

Who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail? Be among the first 1,000 individuals to raise over $500 by Thursday June 2 (11:59pm EST) and we’ll send you our physical Sunrise Challenge Inspiration Kit. This kit includes all the elements from our printable version—a journal, gratitude cards, a recipe, and activity card… and maybe a few extra surprises! Arriving just in time to get you ready for your Sunrise Challenge week!

$1,000+ | Above + Sunrise Challenge Celebration Kit

With the help of our sponsors, we have assembled a superstar Sunrise Challenge Celebration Kit (hint: coffee and swag anyone?) Raise over $1000 to get on the list! Remember, you’ll also receive the rewards above—but hurry, only while supplies last!

Fundraising rewards are awarded based on individual fundraising. As per Canada Revenue Agency, personal donations will be excluded in your fundraising total for the purposes of determining your eligibility for incentive prizes.

**While supplies last. First 1,000 individuals to raise $500 by Thursday, June 2, 11:59pm EST will receive a mailed Sunrise Challenge Inspiration Kit.



Start here to find everything you need to let your friends, family, and colleagues know how they can support you in the challenge.

Promotional Resources

Promotional Resources

Everything you need to let your friends, family and colleagues know about the Sunrise Challenge.

Team Recruitment Resources

Team Recruitment Resources

Get the word out and recruit members to your team!

Fundraising Resources

Fundraising Resources

Ask your friends, family and colleagues to donate and support your Sunrise Challenge with ease with our social media posts.

Follow-up Resources

Follow-up Resources

Don’t forget to send a note of thanks! We have social posts to help you recognize those who have supported your Sunrise Challenge.


Thank you to our generous sponsors for rising with us to make the 2022 Sunrise Challenge possible. With their support, we’re accelerating progress in mental health research, improving access to care, and creating hope for people who live with mental illness every day.