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What is the Sunrise ChallengeTM?

The Sunrise Challenge fundraiser invites Canadians to wake up with the sun for one week (Spring 2022) while raising money to support the groundbreaking mental health research and suicide prevention initiatives happening at CAMH. By rising together and rallying our friends, family and co-workers behind the cause, we can change the way the world sees and treats mental illness.

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TM/MC — Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation (for registered or unregistered marks)

The Time is Now

At its most serious, mental illness can be fatal. In Canada, 11 people die by suicide every day. Globally, 800,000 lives are lost to this tragic outcome every year. The statistics are harrowing, but there is hope on the horizon. We created the Sunrise Challenge because it’s time. Time to invest in mental health like we do physical health. Time to end the silence, stigma, and shame that still surround mental illness today. Time to rise together and stop mental illness from destroying lives.

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Vanessa Poulin

Money Raised: $

I'm rising for change. There's a shift in attitude towards mental illnesses and I want to do everything I can to be part of it. #TeamBipolarDisorder #TeamSolarPowerRangersGo!

Power of Sunrise with POP
Money Raised: $

We rise for Jane's mother Maeve, who had struggled with bipolar disorder from the day Jane was born and for Vanessa's younger brother Philippe who died by suicide at age 33.

Annex Morning Glories
Money Raised: $

I rise so I can coax the sun to rise, too. I’m pretty sure it's helpful for people living with mental illness and addiction.