Community and Workplace Fundraisers

ON RING with Jake

Our team is holding a fundraiser to support CAMH, Canada's leading mental health hospital.
Mental illness is something meaningful for me and for a lot of people in the current society. After the covid pandemic, we’ve lost a lot of human interaction and has human being, that’s our fuel. These days with social network, we’re so bound by making the most of it, making the most of everything, that we lost the essential of being just us. Being human and happy. But how? By having the tools, mental health is the most important health in your body. But in order to be mentally healthy, you have to be physically and subconsciously healthy.
To provide and help society with that I want to show that every hardship is important in life, and everything can be fight, with the right mindset.
I'll be fighting for the cause with a boxing match in may. 
Our team and i would share videos and photos of my training camp t'ill May. 
Please donate today and help us reach our fundraising goal.
Together, we can give people hope for a better tomorrow. Starting by YES instead of NO. 
Any support is more than welcome, thank you very much you are awesome. 
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