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Mental health affects us all. Many of us have struggled with it in some form, or seen a friend/family member who has.

Mental health is equally as important to physical health.

Running often provides a sense of clarity and a way to better manage one's emotions.

I will be coordinating a 7km run / 3km walk with friends and family in the Annex area on October 17th at 11am. Please help support this cause of raising awareness of mental health, and lowering the stigma of seeking help. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

If you are unable to contribute financially, that's alright - there are other ways to help. Please check in on your family and friends and take some time for self reflection.

Let's come together, raise money, and take steps towards greater mental health for all.

Please support by clicking 'Donate to Team'.

If you plan on joining the 7km run / 3km walk, please donate and send me a quick email at so I can follow up with details for the run.

Any donation helps and 100% of proceeds go to camh.

Thank you in advance!

Lauren Singer

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