Community and Workplace Fundraisers

Save the Bread

I am currently looking for volunteers to join me in the venture of the Save-the-Bread.
Save-the-Bread venture is different than the CAMH fundraising. Like many others, I am aganist any food waste. I support that store/bakery baked breads are not wasted at the end of the day and that every bread finds a home. At the end of every day, many bakeries donate unsold goods to local charitable programs. However, I have come across many grocery stores and bakeries that simply throw away food, especially bread, at the end of the day. Many volunteers visit local bakeries to pick up the unsold bread and baked goods which they distribute to local charities. There are still a lot of people who spend nights on the streets on empty stomachs. Please join me for this cause to collect food/bread from stores and help me distribute food to the homeless and give them better hopes for tomorrow.
With your support, we can change how the world sees and treats mental illness. We can break down stigma and lead important conversations about suicide prevention. We can give people time to get the help they need; families time to heal; and researchers and clinicians time to make breakthroughs and offer new treatment options. 
Please donate today and help us reach our fundraising goal.
Together, we can give people hope for a better tomorrow. 
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