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Lennard Charity Boat Race

Mental health has always lagged behind other areas of medical research and care. Lack of understanding, lack of advocacy, and lack of investment have fostered a culture of stigma, silence and shame.

For the past quarter-century, CAMH has been a leader and beacon of hope for the growing mental health movement. Because here we stand together. We bring one another strength. We search for answers that don’t yet exist. And with the support of our community, we’re building a future where no one is left behind.
But we’re not there yet. There is more work to do and more people to help. The world needs CAMH now more than ever.
Lennard Commercial Realty will be hosting a fundriaser at Dow's Lake. You’ll spend the afternoon connecting with friends and colleagues, and enjoy some leisurely canoeing and kayaking on Dow’s Lake.
A registration form is required to be filled out and submitted to Kaitlyn Miller ( prior to attending the event. 
Please donate today and help us reach our fundraising goal.
Together, we can give people hope for a better tomorrow. 
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