Today, we're taking on the most complex issues in mental health.

CAMH research isn’t just shaping the future of mental health—it’s making a real-time impact. Our work is already translating into more effective treatments, more equitable care and more hope for those who live with mental illness every day.

These Areas of Impact include:
- Reversing Memory Loss
- Improving Addiction Treatment
- Addressing Systemic Barriers
- Preventing Postpartum Depression
- Preventing PTSD
- Harnessing Traditional Knowledge
- Championing Early Intervention
- Personalizing Care

To learn more about how CAMH research is making breakthroughs, dismantling barriers and saving lives, learn more here .

Gift of Light was founded in 2008 thanks to the generosity of our donors and continues today as a 100% donor-funded program. Gifts of Light works with patients, families, and front-line clinical staff to identify the patient wellness gaps in our system, with the goal of improving the patient experience.

Over 14,000 patients each year benefit from the everyday essentials, unique activities and meaningful experiences provided by this patient-centred program.

Today, when you support our Gifts of Light program, you provide practical, meaningful gifts that meet the unique needs of patients at CAMH.

The products, services and programs described in CAMH Foundation’s Giving Hub catalogue are representative of many of our donor-funded initiatives. The value of your donation will support the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health’s highest priority needs including but not limited to life-saving research and patient experience programs.

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The products, services and programs described in the Giving Hub catalogue are representative of many of our donor-funded initiatives. The value of your donation will support our highest priority needs such as life-saving research and our Gifts of Light patient experience program.

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