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About the CAMH Giving Hub

The CAMH Giving Hub was specifically developed to make giving to mental health research and patient experience programs as easy as possible for our supporters, while also providing an opportunity to honour a loved one. We wouldn’t be where we are without our generous community. Become part of the movement today and make a life-saving difference.

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Support life-saving Mental Health Research

At CAMH, we are building a future where Mental Health is Health through everything we do. Especially research. Because if we can understand the brain in the same way we do the rest of the body, like the heart and lungs, we will discover answers and give rise to more progress, more opportunity and above all, more hope for people living with mental illness.

Today, when you give a gift that supports research, you not only shape the future of mental health, but you also make a real-time impact. CAMH can move faster and go further in our collective understanding of the brain. We can discover the answers our loved ones - and everyone living with mental illness - so urgently need.

Support patient experience through the Gifts of Light program

Gifts of Light was founded in 2008 thanks to the generosity of our donors and continues today as a 100% donor-funded program. Gifts of Light works with patients, families, and front-line clinical staff to identify the patient wellness gaps in our system, with the goal of improving the patient experience.

Over 14,000 patients each year benefit from the everyday essentials, unique activities and meaningful experiences provided by this patient-centered program. Today, when you support our Gifts of Light program, you provide practical, meaningful gifts that meet the unique needs of patients at CAMH. You can make a restricted donation to the Gifts of Light program here.

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