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May 29, 2015

darkness to light

The all-night
challenge to defeat
mental illness

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Fun Ways to Stay Up

Keen to take part in camh Darkness to Light but not sure how? Here are a few fun things you can do on your own or with friends to stay up all-night.

- Marathon-watch your favourite series on Netflix or Crave TV
- Host a board game tournament
- Go camping and stay up wishing on stars
- Catch up on a hobby
- Host a party
- All-night Karaoke
- Learn something new
- Call or Skype family and friends that live in different time zones
- Get organized—tackle that pesky junk drawer, organize your important paperwork
- Plan your next vacation
- Host a craft night and tackle a project from Pinterest
- Do a walking tour of your city, the darkness offers a whole new perspective
- Dance the night away at your favourite club or living room
- Have a video game tournament with friends (in-person or online)
- Buzzfeed quizzes
- Host a cooking challenge
- Plan a scavenger hunt with friends
- Read a book
- Volunteer
- Bring back the sleepover—movies, snacks, gossip and pranks!

Register now and challenge your friends and family to dare to defeat mental illness.

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