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The Giving Hub lets you support the Area of Impact that best aligns with your reason for being a part of the mental health movement. Fuel progress in research, and include a Gift of Light recovery gift to provide practical, meaningful gifts that meet the unique needs of our patients.

CAMH is transforming the way we diagnose, treat, and prevent mental illness in people of all ages—but we can’t keep up this important work without your support.

Support the discovery of new life-saving addiction treatments and prevention initiatives.
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Support life-saving research that will translate into better models of personalized care.
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Basic necessities, like a toothbrush and a pair of socks, mean everything to patients who arrive with nothing.
Reduce health disparities for people from underrepresented and marginalized groups.
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Accelerate the development of therapies to reverse the progression of dementia.
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Change the trajectory of youth mental health by investing in critical mental health research today.
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Impact the building of models of care that honour Indigenous expertise.
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Provide self-care items for patients when they need it most.
Self-care begins with a healthy diet. Learning to prepare well-balanced meals is essential for overall well-being.
Many people living with mental illness are at a greater risk for serious dental issues. Proper and accessible care is not a luxury -- it's essential.
A backpack filled with essentials, such as deodorant, a water bottle and bus fare, makes the transition back into the community a little bit easier.
Help patients transition back into the community.
When patients are ready to leave CAMH, you can help them furnish their new home.
A gift of art materials, like sketchbooks and paints, help patients express their emotions and reduce stress.
Help our patients express themselves and build positive relationships through the wonder of music workshops.
Provide the tools for health and well-being.
Our caring and dedicated staff will hand-pick the perfect item for a patient--and unexpectedly brighten their day.
Support experiences that will empower patients to connect with their passions and discover new skills.
Help celebrate milestones in a patient's recovery as they successfully achieve personal goals to better well-being and health.
A good night's sleep is vital during recovery. A fresh set of pajamas will help a patient settle in and get the rest they need.
The CAMH Pet Therapy Program provides patients with companionship and promotes wellness, trust and communication during recovery. Give patients something to look forward to during their treatment with regular visits with a therapy dog.
Invest in developing models of personalized care through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
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Give hope to people living with Postpartum Depression.
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Fuel discoveries that could prevent PTSD after a traumatic event.
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Books are vital to education, imagination, and knowledge about the world. They can deliver a moment of calm, help change perspective or illustrate new ideas.
Basic necessities, like a pair of socks, mean everything to patients who arrive with nothing.
Make an investment in the future of CAMH patients. With one bundle, you are creating new opportunities for multiple patients to learn and succeed.
Help prevent suicide by fueling personalized treatments and strategies to save more lives.
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Support a patient with a personalized selection of gifts delivered throughout their journey -- every step of the way.
Help our patients brave the Canadian winter with a warm hat, scarf and mittens.
Your gift can help a CAMH patient stay in touch with loved ones and friends during their recovery so they know they're not alone.
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