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Youth Mental Health

Change the trajectory of youth mental health with more targeted treatments and early intervention. And help a young patient at CAMH today by adding a Gifts of Light patient experience gift to help them on the way to recovery.

Basic necessities, like a toothbrush and a pair of socks, mean everything to patients who arrive with nothing.
Change the trajectory of youth mental health by investing in critical mental health research today.
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Self-care begins with a healthy diet. Learning to prepare well-balanced meals is essential for overall well-being.
When patients are ready to leave CAMH, you can help them furnish their new home.
The CAMH Pet Therapy Program provides patients with companionship and promotes wellness, trust and communication during recovery. Give patients something to look forward to during their treatment with regular visits with a therapy dog.
Invest in developing models of personalized care through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
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Make an investment in the future of CAMH patients. With one bundle, you are creating new opportunities for multiple patients to learn and succeed.
Help prevent suicide by fueling personalized treatments and strategies to save more lives.
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Your gift can help a CAMH patient stay in touch with loved ones and friends during their recovery so they know they're not alone.
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